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Meet the F1 Hoes


The F1 Hoes Magazine aims to bring the world of motorsport closer to you through a series of interesting articles, news and opinions on a ranging selection of series. 

From F1 and MotoGP to our exclusive access to the endurance racing paddocks. 

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The F1 Hoes


Adéla Pavlovská

  • Instagram

Adela's responsibility is editing, but she also helps with the social media management. Her main focus on our blog is MotoGP. Her love for books and movies is expressed through some of our articles as well.


Tereza Černá

  • Instagram

Tereza is our chief editor, she covers endurance and GT racing, while contributing to our social media. She is a WEC acredited journalist and TV presenter.


Anna Krejčí

  • Instagram

Anna takes care of all the graphical aspects. She is in charge of our website as well as designing most of the visually appealing posts on our social media. Occasionally, she also writes articles.


Tatiana Žišková

  • Instagram

Tatiana covers Formula 1 as well as its feeder series. Due to her love for Asian cultures, she is doing a great job at implementing Super Formula content. 


Zuzana Urbanová

  • Instagram

Zuzana mainly writes about feeder series, but also covers the most crucial Formula 1 topics. In the future, she plans to starts reporting on IndyCar.


Shayna McCaffrey

  • Instagram

Shayna covers all things electric, mainly Formula E. Her passion is physiotherapy, and she is planning to use her knowledge also here on our blog.

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