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Best Top Gear Formula 1 drivers appearances

Top Gear has been on the air since 1977 and became a cultural phenomenon. Over the years, many Formula One drivers have appeared on the show, and some of their appearances have been particularly memorable.
1) Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has appeared on Top Gear several times, always bringing a lot of energy to the show. In one episode, he mocked host Jeremy Clarkson. In another, he set a lap time of 1:44.7 in a Suzuki Liana. Hamilton's appearances on the show have been remarkable for his engaging personality an impressive driving skills.

2) Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo is known for his fun-loving personality, and he brought that to Top Gear when he appeared on the show. He flipped the bird once when a fan asked him "What does the back of Lewis's car look like?" He also set the fastest lap time of 1:42.2 in a Suzuki Liana. Ricciardo impressed the audience with his relaxed demeanor and exceptional driving abilities.

3) Michael Schumacher

Schumacher appeared on the show and was later revealed to be the Stig. The Stig is a mysterious character who had been on the show as a driver whose role is setting lap times for cars tested on the show. When Schumacher lifted up the Stig helmet to reveal himself, he shocked every viewer, and soon enough, it became one of the most unforgettable moments on the show.

4) Sebastian Vettel

Vettel is known to be a big fan of Top Gear - he has appeared on the show several times. He has always been a good sport and seems to enjoy the show's irreverent humor. Vettel's appearances on the show have been characterized by his energetic personality and exceptional driving abilities. His ability to connect with the audience and make them feel like they are part of the action adds to the excitement of the show.

5) Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello appeared on Top Gear in 2010 and raced in Suzuki Liana as most of the other F1 drivers who had appeared on the show. He set a lap time of 1:44.3 and became the only F1 driver to beat The Stig's time. Later on, it was revealed that Barrichello had a significant advantage, which allowed him to defeat the Stig.

It's worth noting that the Top Gear test track where these lap times were set is located in Surrey, United Kingdom. It was designed by Lotus Cars as a testing facility, with many of its Formula One cars tested there. The track has become an iconic part of the show, and it's always exciting to see F1 drivers perform on it.

F1 drivers have made some of the best Top Gear appearances over the years. From Lewis Hamilton's playful banter to Daniel Ricciardo's record-breaking lap time, these drivers have brought a lot of excitement to the show. It's always fun to see how they perform on the Top Gear test track, and their appearances have become an iconic part of the show's history.



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