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What to know before attending a Formula 1 race weekend

Tatiana's personal experience of attending the 2023 Hungarian GP 2023.

Last year, while deciding how should I go to the race, I came across this travel company. The decision didn't take very long, and I was already sending my reservation. Yes, one year ahead. Crazy stuff. Honestly, I couldn't make a better decision since I didn't have to bother with planning my own trip - it's efficiency, not laziness. I wanted to make things easier for me since this was my first time attending the Grand Prix, and I desired the whole travel experience to go smoothly.

My journey started at 1:30 am as I travelled from Slovakia. At Hungaroring, I arrived approx. at 7 am, which was an amazing time since I could peacefully have breakfast while comfortably watching a Formula 3 race - one of those moments I will never forget.

Fun fact: there is almost no mobile signal at the circuit. When I wanted to text someone or open apps using an Internet connection, I had to move aside from the crowd of people to be able to do so.


I didn't know what to expect, so I bought General Admission – these tickets are often very affordable. I must say that I made a very good decision. Even though looking for a place to sit was tiring, at least I was really close to everything needed - toilets, drinking water, Fan Zone, food stalls...

General Information #1

I was thinking about this for quite some time - whether I should label it as a warning or not. And since I thought it might help someone, I'm writing it down...

People. Lots of people. Big, big crowds – if you are not a fan of big groups/you are suffering from social anxiety but still want to attend a race, I would take it into serious consideration. However, I'm pretty sure you can find a way to enjoy the race nevertheless.


Be ready for every possible weather. That's it. But regarding Hungary's weather - sun cream with SPF 50+ is a must, but bring your raincoat as well...just in case. And some blankets.

General Informatio

Bring. Portable. Charger. Please - don't make the same mistake as I did because I assure you that you will want to visualize your memories.

Anyway, one more thing before we move on to fun things! No matter which circuit you are visiting, always research their guidelines (what you can/can't bring with you) – so you won't be surprised by security people throwing your stuff out of your bag.


Generally speaking, Formula 3 and Formula 2 are not the most attractive events on Sunday. The majority of fans came there only to witness the pinnacle of motorsport, so the chances of watching F3 and F2 without being disturbed or stressed are quite high. The experience was amazing, I can't complain, and I definitely encourage you to watch it too.

Interestingly, right after Formula 2, another race was happening – Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, which lasted 30 minutes with 16 laps. It was another great experience.

Tip: In the early morning, while standing in the burning sun, I was lucky enough to spot multiple drivers and people from the paddock entering the circuit at the main gate.

Not even in my wildest dreams I thought I would be this lucky, but here I am. So, if you want to raise your chances of seeing F1 drivers or people working in F1, this is a good way. I cannot guarantee it, but I can at least give you hope.

In the end, my first-ever Grand Prix overcame all my expectations, and I had such a great time there! It was truly amazing.


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