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F1 car seen on a Czech public highway

On a highway, you can see many different types of cars. In Czech Republic, it also includes Formula 1 machinery.

Imagine driving on a highway. If you are a petrolhead, you definitely notice what cars pass you by. A Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Formula 1 car…wait, what? This may have come across the minds of those who drove on D4 (a highway in the Czech Republic that is southwest from Prague) on the 14th of August this year, getting the attention of the whole world.

Even though I named the vehicle coasting on the public roads like no tomorrow a Formula 1 car, it is not entirely correct. In fact, we have to go one level lower. Please, meet Dallara GP2/08, machinery used from 2008 to 2010 in the GP2 championship, nowadays known as Formula 2. It can have a top speed of a very reasonable 328 km/h. According to, a car like this could be worth at least 105 000 euros. However, the machinery had a Ferrari-ish livery with a significant shade of red and sponsors such as Marlboro. It is believed that this could be a tribute to a famous Ferrari F2004 we could see Mick Schumacher drive during the 2020 Tuscan GP. The number seven on the car could be a nod to Michael Schumacher, who is the seven-time World Champion, winning his last title with the already mentioned F2004.

These vehicles are not allowed to take a Sunday morning stroll together with ordinary cars, the driver is at risk of getting banned from driving for one year and more than ten thousand dollars fine. A pricey fun, if you ask me. In case you are wondering: Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? This seems familiar to me. Yes, you are entirely correct. This is not the first time the Czech Republic broke the Internet with mystery drivers having their little Love Is a Highway moment. A similar incident occurred in 2019. The 45-year-old suspect enjoying a ride in an old Ferrari-F1-like car got eventually caught but escaped the punishment as they weren’t immediately stopped by the officers. Thanks to a helmet they were wearing, clear identification was impossible. At least they were being safe. The charges were dropped as the possible bandit denied being guilty. If it is the same person or someone who got inspired is, for now, a mystery. One way or another, what a legend!



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