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Attending a race as a journalist for the first time

How is it like to attend a race as an accredited journalist for the first time, especially on such a legendary circuit like Monza?

Every motorsport fan knows that Monza is a legendary track. Always filled with Tifosi, the atmosphere is like no other. It is the place of miracle wins and great celebrations. It is also the place that I, for the first time ever, got the opportunity to attend as an accredited journalist for the WEC's 6 hours of Monza.

Ferrari no. 50 doing a pitstop

Quite often, citizens of Monza wake up to the buzzing sounds of race cars. It was the same case for me, when I visited the circuit two weeks ago.

The track can be found inside the beautiful park in Monza on the outskirts of Milan. It consists of three tracks: Grand Prix, Junior, and high-speed oval track. The circuit hosts many races throughout the year, including the 6 hours of Monza of the World Endurance Championship I visited. I was very lucky to do so, since this year was the circuit's last time hosting the championship. From next year forward, the race will move to Imola.

Receiving the accreditation came to me as a bit of a shock. When I applied, I was half expecting the rejection, but to my pleasant surprise, I was proven wrong. Entering the track with a media tag was an odd yet incredible feeling. I would lie if I said I didn't feel like an imposter at the beginning, but everyone made me feel welcome very quickly, and the wonderful people organising the event were always there to help me.

Inside the Media Centre

It is worth mentioning I wasn't there all alone, which helped quite a bit with everything. I was joined by Tereza, who also had the media pass, Adéla, and Alex, our friend, who became an honorary F1 Hoe for the weekend.

All the journalists had access to all different media events, including meeting the teams or media debriefs. I had the opportunity to interview Antonio Giovinazzi and other great drivers. Wherever I went, there were incredible people always happy to help.

The coverage of the race in Media Centre

During the race, it was so hot outside that I decided to stay inside the media centre for most of its duration. Even though I wasn't directly at the track and didn't hear the cars fully, I could at least see the pit stops, which was also an incredible experience. I could watch the race through screens, which turned out to be just enough. It was great to sit there with the other journalists and photographs, chat about the race and follow the British Grand Prix on the side.

Following the 6 Hours of Monza, as well as the BritishGP

Overall this was such an incredible experience I am so grateful for. I hope for an opportunity like this again, be it the WEC or any other championship. I'll see you then!



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