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Christmas gift guide for F1 fans

Christmas is just around the corner and the stress of not being finished with Christmas shopping is gradually increasing. We are well aware that shopping for people with very specific interests may be challenging, so.. What do you get your one friend who is a little too obsessed with motorsport? This guide will help you to figure it out.


There are so many different books that you can choose from in the world of motorsport. From autobiographies of different F1 personel to stories of both fictional and investigative journalism kind. You can never go wrong with some quality literature. If your designated F1 friend is not much of a reader, an encyclopedia is always a great addition to expand knowledge or as a coffee table decoration.

My recommendation would be Adrian Newey's autobiography: "How to build a car". Besides his personal life and achievements we delve into the technical aspects of the world of motorsport and the stories behind some of the greatest race cars that he has designed; including the 1994 Williams F1 car, which was Ayrton Senna's last.


Let's be honest, official F1 team merch is crazy expensive, not personal and rarely cute enough to wear on a day-to-day basis. Here's where small businesses come into play. 107 Collective is a small and relatively new Czech Republic-based business that creates F1 merch. As of now, they have 3 shirts available, all very stylish alternatives to classic F1 merch. Kristina, one of the founding members, told us a little about their mission in creating the perfect F1 merch:

"With the boys (Kuba and Vítek), we simply wanted to create t-shirts that we would want to wear to work or maybe for a beer in the evening and that would not be full of sponsor logos, as it usually the case with F1 merch. So we took our most popular slogans and together with the graphic designer tried to come up with interesting designs.

We don't have a permanent collection, but we plan to drop new designs about 3 times a year, which we want to let our customers and followers vote on in the future.

And quite possibly we will also focus on a special edition of clothing just for women because I would like something nice that I can wear for a drink in the summer and I haven't found anything like that yet."


ByMegs is another small business, this time Dutch-based, run by a lovely girl named Megan. She focuses on wearable and cute merch, especially for women. From cute shirts to tote bags, makeup bags and hair accessories. She started by doing scrunchies and later added hairclips etc. Her designs are soft, girly and very colourful, so ideal for your soft girlies who love Formula 1.

Her scrunchies and makeup bags and most likely a few other products are handmade, which not only shows her dedication but also the quality of her products. She documents everything on TikTok and I urge you to check her out. Her Tiktok handle is 'bymegs'.

Formula by Lina

Formula by Lina is another Dutch-based female small business, this time run by 2 ladies in their early 20s, who design tote bags. They have 7 designs as of now, but more to come. Their designs are simple yet very stylish and colourful and a great addition to your race Sunday setup.


An absolute classic is RedBubble, they have probably any item that you would like. However, you cannot go wrong with a set of stickers related to their favourite team or driver. Notebooks, pens or mugs are other alternatives for your F1-obsessed productive girlies.

One thing must be said, all things on this list are rather pricey, but 100% worth it. Your designated F1-obsessed friend will be happy and at the end of the day, this is what matters the most.



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