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Racing drivers and their celebrity lookalikes

Delving into the world of professional journalism, here's 5 racing drivers that have a celebrity lookalike.

Checo Perez - Tom Cruise

Starting off with the most famous one, Sergio Perez and Tom Cruise. It has been circling around for a while now that the Mexican driver looks exactly like the Hollywood legend. In an interview, Perez even said that he would want Tom Cruise to play him if a movie about F1 was to be made. "They say I look like him," he said.

Dennis Hauger - Patrick Swayze

Dennis Hauger, Formula 3 champion and current Formula 2 driver for MP Motorsport looks very similar to the 80s sex symbol Patrick Swayze. Once you see these two next to each other you will not unsee it. Thank you James Harvey Blair for mentioning this resemblance in one of the Screaming Meals podcasts. The real question is, are we going to get a Dirty Dancing spinoff with Dennis?

Lando Norris - Tom Holland

There are so many similarities between these two it’s actually scary - from "leaking” private information to their golfing passion, Lando Norris and Tom Holland share a set of similar features. They are even of a similar height, with Tom Holland being only 3 cm taller than Lando (according to Google).

Mick Schumacher - Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is a 26-year old American quarterback in the NFL, who is definitely Mick Schumacher's look alike. This resemblance is not as strong as Hauger and Patrick Swayze, but the it is definitely there. Just have a look.

Carlos Sainz - Mariano from Encanto

Let me tell you when Encanto came out I definitely didn’t expect Carlos to be in that movie but here we are. The handsome fiance of Isabella, Mariano Guzman, looks exactly like an animated version of Carlos Sainz, it’s actually scary.



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