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Schumacher. A name that symbolizes a lot in the motorsport culture. The most famous of them all, Michael Schumacher, has now its own documentary.

On the September 15, a documentary following the great success of this German driver was released. It covers the early stages of his career in great depth, providing detail that many Schumacher fans weren’t aware of before. It gives an insight into the background of his success, into some parts of his family life and describes his best and worst Formula 1 moments.

A significant part of this documentary focuses on his years with Ferrari before he won a title with them. Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari in 1996, unfortunately for him, the team was in a bad state at that time. The Ferrari car was just simply not competitive, but despite that Michael managed to fight for the championship, he came second. He was and to this day is one of the fastest drivers Formula 1 has ever seen, the prancing horse especially.

The last part of the documentary describes the horrible tragedy that happened in December of 2013. Although we do not get any information about Michaels condition, the words from his family indicate and to an extent confirm all that has been circulating around for year.

“I would give anything to have a conversation with my father” - Mick Schumacher

It is extremely sad to know what happened to this motorsport legend. The Schumacher Ferrari era was the childhood of many and every fan of F1 has an emotional connection to it.

The documentary is a piece of art, truly beautiful. Happiness, nostalgia, sadness, are only a few of the emotions that I as the viewer have felt. Writing this ending just now brings tears to my eyes. Watching the documentary was an emotional journey, but one things is certain,

Michael Schumacher is a legend.



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