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Songs referencing F1 drivers

Which songs mention F1 drivers?


When people love music and Formula 1, it can often create something beautiful. I bet you had no idea that some of these songs even existed!

1. Gang of Youths – goal of the century

Gang of Youths are an Australian alternative rock band from Sydney, and you can already guess which F1 driver is mentioned in their song. Yes, the one and only Daniel Ricciardo, who is friends with band members. It isn't a big cameo, but it definitely means a lot to all F1 and especially Ricciardo fans.

lyrics: There's angels in silence

It's warm in the islands

And Indy is growing

My brothers are calling

The Rabbits are chasing

Ricciardo is racing

2. Pitstop Boys - Let's go Lando!

Who doesn't know these legends? Coming from the Netherlands, their fame started with a song "Supermax!" dedicated to Max Verstappen. This time, the focus is on Lando Norris. To be honest, it is quite catchy! (The song is all about Lando Norris, but I will just pick some verses)

lyrics: Let's go Lando, Lando is okay

Let's go Lando, he is here to stay

Let's go Lando, he is one of us

He's racing like a lion

Shouldn't he be Dutch?

3. DJ VISAGE: Formula '98 (Schumacher Song - 1998)

DJ Visage is "a project fronted by Danish DJ Martin Sig and produced by the Austrian Norbert Reichart“ (x). This club song is dedicated to Michael Schumacher. It doesn't have lyrics, but some parts are spoken in German (race commentary to add to the atmosphere). It is from 1998, and yes, it truly matches the vibe of '98.

4. George Harrison – Faster

This one is an honorable mention since it doesn't have lyrics including F1 drivers, but it is made for the whole F1 world. The lyrics are about the speed of cars, the passion behind it, the dangers of racing...I highly recommend watching the music video and not just listening to it. It's authentic with raw emotions behind the text. "In 1977, Harrison went off the world with the Formula One — which he described as a 'noisy rock 'n’ roll' — entourage and attended some of the World Championship races. ‘Faster’, largely inspired by the boldness of the drivers of the chief racing category, was dedicated to the late Ronnie Peterson.“ (x) Every verse is a work of art, so it was nearly impossible to choose the most interesting lines.

lyrics: The people were intrigued

His wife held back her fears

The headlines gave acclaim

He'd realized their dreams

5. MC Daro - Robert Kubica song

All in all, there is only a little information known about this song. However, the most important facts are – it is a Polish song and it is dedicated to Robert Kubica. The lyrics are in Polish, but I'm offering you an English translation.

lyrics: Fighting blood flows in him

He never knows the word pass

An eagle in the heart, a lion in the soul

He proved it more than once

... Robert Kubica the Lightning Driver

6. Carte Blanq & Maxx Power - 33 Max Verstappen

The long-awaited song with Max Verstappen! Truly a phenomenal song, but once again, the lyrics won't tell us anything about him. It has his name as a part of the lyrics, and of course, some parts are commentary from a controversial race in Abu Dhabi 2021, where he became the world champion.

lyrics: Tu-tu-du-du Max Verstappen

(yes, I'm serious with this lyrics choice)

Did you know about all of the songs from my list? If not, then hurry up to place them on your playlist!



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