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Attending the FIA Girls on Track event

Tereza's diary entry from the FIA Girls on Track event at Formula E in Berlin.

As many of you may know, my biggest dream in life is to become a motorsport journalist. I am working hard to achieve this goal as soon as possible, so when the opportunity to join FIA Girls on Track for the Formula E Berlin E-Prix arrose, I signed up immediately.

The goal of the event that I have attended is to introduce girls in the age range from 8-18 to all the different jobs in motorsport. We started off the day by getting a Girls on Track shirt and goodie bag that contained a cap, stuffed animal, and a writing journal. Then we were split into two groups and started the workshops. I was fortunate enough to attend on Friday which meant that there were only 15 of us. I found that extremely helpful, because I got more attention and got to talk to more people.

We built cars from legos and raced them, we also did a simulation of a post-race interview. We had a workshop, where we learned about the newly developed karts for people with paraplegia. We tried goggles that simulated alcohol and/or drug intake and tried to follow a pattern on the ground. One of the peaks of the day was that we got to drive electric go-karts. Due to the lack of time I didn’t get to try it out.

In the afternoon, we went to watch the cars on the track for a bit before going into the paddock. First, we saw the media center and the FIA race control room. After that, we went on a walk in the pitlane, where we met many different drivers and got some autographs. I managed to get 6 drivers to sign my cap - Stoffel Vandoorne, Nyck De Vries, Norman Nato, Eduardo Mortara, Jake Dennis, and Maximilian Guenther.

The event was very beneficial and educational for girls that want to work in motorsport one day. I am very grateful that I got to attend as it helped me in many ways.


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