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The best commercials starring F1 drivers

Formula One drivers have gained more and more recognition in recent years, with some fans claiming they're a lot more laid-back, relatable, and comical than the drivers of the past. However, by taking a quick look at these adverts from the early 2000s and 2010s, I think that would be up for debate.
1 - Mark Webber is a Canberra Milk Kid

Starting this list off strong is Aussie and former Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber. The race winner had been seen on Australian television singing along to the catchy "Canberra Milk Kid" song. While giving us a wonderful musical number, Webber also drove around a local go-kart track, trying to avoid hitting the cartons of milk. Whilst the advert was only 29 seconds long, the song will be stuck in our heads forever.

2 - Jenson Button and Toni Stuart stretch for Mobil 1

Back in the days when McLaren rocked their beautiful silver and red livery, Mobil 1 partnered the 2009 world champion Jenson Button with former NASCAR Cup Champion Toni Stuart to talk about the oil and its many benefits. While Tony Stuart talks about how well the oil lubricated the engine, Button sticks to his pre-race stretches. Stuart talks about how not only it lubricates the engine but also his joints before the American stretches down into a complete split position, catching Button off guard and to muttering my word in the most British way imaginable. To end it, Tony Stuart dips an Oreo into what appears to be a Pepsi or Cola and eats it before finally offering one to Jenson.

3 - Nigel Mansell needs to insure his road car

Money Supermarket surely knew how to grab their viewers' attention with this one. We can see Nigel Mansell on the phone with an insurance company, driving some remote-controlled cars around a track. When the legend asks how much he is paying for his insurance, the remote control car speeds up as Mansell is shocked by the price, only for the car to be caught by; drumroll, please! The Money Supermarket man! He is told he needs to insure his car, especially because the now-retired Brit is evident ally not driving a racing car anymore, to which Mansell replies "Yeah, was the wife's choice." To solve his problem, he is told about the amazing deals and offers that Money Supermarket has to offer and is handed a toy F1 car in place of the other car that has flown off the plastic track. To wrap the brilliant carried-out advert, the Money Supermarket man pulls out a stick-on mustache and places it on the former World Champion's upper lip, making him look just as he was before.

4 - Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher race to the rescue!

Now this advert was truly comical and one of Mercedes many iconic commercials. To paint you a picture, imagine you are driving someone to the hospital to deliver their baby and then...boom! Your car breaks down. In a moment of desperation, you pull the mother-to-be out of the car and look for a lift when suddenly, a new Mercedes shows up and out hops....Nico Rosberg? Whilst you head towards the car to get a ride with Nico, up shows the one, the only, Michael Schumacher. Now you and the mother-to-be argue over which driver to go with, both bringing up amazing stats of each driver. Now what I told you that is the exact storyline of this commercial that Mercedes did back in 2011 to promote the new Mercedes Benz. It was truly an amazing concept for an advert, which is a favourite for many.

5 - Murray Walker and Damon Hill grab a slice

The final advert of my top 5 is an oldie but goldie, in my opinion. Pizza Hut decided that for their all new pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed crust pizzas, they would bring in the legends that's are Damon Hill and Murray Walker to give a slice a try. Obviously, it wouldn't be a Murray Walker cameo without his iconic commentating, which he does from the moment he walks towards the table to the moment Damon Hill takes a bite, crust first.

Bonus Advert: Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, and Mikka Häkkinen

This is arguably one of the most known F1 adverts. To get the fans ready for the upcoming 2011 season, Mercedes decided to record what is now an iconic ad for fans of all ages all over the world. It begins with Nico Rosberg sitting in a restaurant when a waiter approaches his table. When Rosberg looks questioningly, the waiter smirks and gives a nod over to the German's then-teammate Michael Schumacher. Rosberg returns the favour with a bigger bottle of wine. This pattern continues with the wine turning into champagne, each bottle growing bigger and bigger until a can of Red Bull was delivered to each of the drivers unexpectedly. When the drivers turn to ask each other about the blue and silver can, both become even more confused when they learn neither of them had the Red Bull sent to the other. However, the confusion is cleared up once the waiter indicates to the Mercedes drivers that it was the Flying Fin, Mikka Häkkinen, who sent them the hilarious gesture.



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