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The F1 Exhibition: Vienna Edition

After its success in Madrid, the F1 Exhibition moved to another European city: Vienna. Here's Zuzana's initial thoughts after visiting it.

The Formula 1 Exhibition in Vienna is a captivating showcase that offers a broad overview of the world and culture of Formula 1. As a visitor, you can explore various engaging displays, including iconic race cars, memorabilia, and many more. It serves as an exclusive opportunity to gain insights into the sport’s cutting-edge technology as well as the drivers' personal stories and experiences.

As soon as you enter this wonderous exhibition, you get to see 3 former Formula One cars that perfectly showcase the evolution of the sport's technology. After a close inspection, you will then move on to watch multiple mini-documentaries, which follow the familiar style of 'Drive to Survive'. These are shown throughout the exhibition. They feature big names, such as Pierre Gasly, David Coulthard, Fred Vasseur, and many others. This gave us an insight into different parts and stages of the sport.

You will then be graced by an immaculate display of race suits set up as a starting grid. It begins with the 2010s collection, the race suits of Verstappen and Sainz being the most recent ones, before going all the way back to Achille Marzi who raced in the 1970s. Afterwards, you will be in an absolute awe, thanks to the captivating display of racing helmets of drivers' past and present. With each driver comes a unique story. This exhibit allows you to find out all the unbelievable tales of some iconic rivalries on and off-track.

Next up is the first interactive screen, which allows you decide which driver is your GOAT after answering a few simple questions. After submitting your result, it is added to the exhibition’s leaderboard and you can walk away knowing who the greatest of all time is in the back of your mind.

The following rooms are a bit more technical. They show the history and the progress of dashboards, fuel tanks and the overall shell of a Formula 1 car. You learn more about the different tyres and engines and the basics of the hydraulic system.

After that, it is sadly time to hand over your headphones. However, that doesn’t mean the exhibition is over as you walk into a shrine dedicated to none other than Romain Grosjean. You get to see the front half of the Phoenix’s car while watching the fiery clips from Bahrain 2020. Unfortunately for the French man, there was no shoe to be found in the cockpit.

As the exhibition is held in Vienna, there is one part that can’t be left out: the room of the Austrian Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. It also serves as a waiting room for the special-effects minimovie during which you truly get to smell the tyres during track scenes. Unfortunately, it is the last room of the exhibition. But don’t forget to stop at the merch room and get a little reminder of your visit. You also shouldn't forget to channel your inner David Croft in a commentator booth.

From my standpoint, the F1 Exhibition is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and the next best thing if you can’t go to a race. You get closer to the F1 cars than anywhere else and are truly immersed in the culture as well as customs of the F1 world. It is perfect for longtime fans. But even new ones get to learn more about the technical side and understand all the different parts a bit more.



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