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TOP 10 most legendary Prema videos

Prema is known not only for great results, but also hilarious off-track moments. What are the most iconic videos made by the Italian team?

PREMA Racing is definitely one of the most successful feeder series teams. Last season, they dominated all the series they took part in. They are also very popular among fans because of their dynamic line-ups and hilarious videos on YouTube. Today, we will look at the TOP 10 most legendary ones. The ranking is subjective and based on my personal opinion. Every video is special, but these really got stuck in my mind.

10. The Sound of Racing (June 2018)

Who doesn’t love The Sound of Music, am I right? During the Austrian Grand Prix in 2018, Prema drivers Nyck de Vries and Sean Gelael blessed us with their musical talent. They performed the most famous song from this musical, My Favourite Things.

9. Sean & Nyck – Drivers of all shapes and sizes (April 2018)

The height difference between Sean Gelael and Nyck de Vries is something over 20 cm. In this video, they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short. And what is better than playing basketball during it?

8. The Whisper Challenge (June 2017)

Some of you might have tried the whisper challenge, and found out that it’s not as easy as it seems. Prema drivers Charles Leclerc, Antonio Fuoco, Juan Manuel Correa, and Jüri Vips challenge themselves, which resulted in many hilarious moments.

7. Guess the song F2 vs. F4 (April 2017)

We all know that Italians love to sing. And Prema isn’t the exception. In this challenge, the drivers put their knowledge of popular songs to the test. And they also showed us some amazing vocals. Hello, is this Simon Cowell?

6. Most Googled Questions answered by Prema – episode 1 & 2 (June 2019)

In this video, Prema drivers give educated answers to the most googled questions. Not many brain cells are present, so we find out that we have an appendix on both sides, metaphor is the thing flying in the sky, and we are all born first as females. What can I say? Stay in school, kids.

5. Keyword Challenge! (June 2018)

How would you describe Fifty Shades of Grey with just one word? I doubt you would use XBOX, am I right? And what about The Lion King or Minions? Who runs around the world, and what movie is the song City of Stars from?

4. The Food Challenge (July 2020)

We are slowly getting to the podium! In number four, we have The Food Challenge with the 2020 F3 drivers. The main character of this video is, without a doubt, Frederik Vesti and his chaotic energy. You also learn some shocking findings, such as cucumber with ketchup is actually a delicious combo or that you can tell the colour of the food only by its taste. Oh, and thanks to this video, I know how to say marshmallow in Danish.

3. The Prema Show (May 2020)

What is Frederik Vesti’s biggest achievement in his career? Which TV Show would Oscar Piastri binge watch? What is the one thing Logan Sargeant cannot live without? F3 Prema drivers are testing their knowledge about their teammates. The alternative names for this video would be Frederik and Logan bullying Oscar for 20 minutes straight or Oscar and Logan having trouble understanding Fred‘s English for 20 minutes straight. The video is a longer one, so it's a perfect free evening activity. Just lay in the bed with a cup of hot tea and have a good laugh. I promise you won't be disappointed.

2. The Taboo Challenge (June 2020)

In number two, we have the taboo challenge. The rules are that you are supposed to describe a word to your mate. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, there is a but. You cannot use certain words, which makes the whole game much more difficult. You have to be very creative with your explanation, and that leads to funny misunderstandings. I'm going to say only one thing: You don't want to miss Arthur explaining to Gianluca what a video is. You just don't.

1. The F2 emoji challenge (November 2017)

As the most legendary video, I chose The F2 emoji challenge with Charles Leclerc and Antonio Fuoco. This video has absolutely everything: competitiveness, inarticulate noises, zero brain cells, legendary quotes, a mix of Italian and English, and lack of knowledge. There isn't a dull moment, and you will laugh your ass off from the beginning till the very end. Let's just hope that Charles knows the members of the British royal family better than he did here.

Honourable Mention

You might have noticed that I haven’t included any Best of Prema videos. The reason is simple: It was impossible. In case you don’t know, every year on the 31st of December, Prema releases a rewind video, showing the most important moments of the year with a lot of behind the scenes moments. That’s also one of the reasons why Prema is such a popular team. They always come up with entertaining content that brings the viewer closer to the team, making you feel like one of the members.

Best of Prema videos are usually around ten minutes long, giving you a glimpse of what is going on behind closed doors. And make you fall in love with an Italian team even more.


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